Our core services include:

+ Parenting assessments
+ Case management
+ New parent education
+ Individual parenting coaching
+ In-home visitation & follow up
+ Reunification assistance
+ Parenting education classes
+ Information & Referral services

Parenting assistance is also offered to any woman that is pregnant or has children seeking substance abuse treatment, whether or not Hope House is the treatment provider. Interested individuals can contact our office to access our parenting services at 706.737.9879 ext. 220 for more information.

Parenting Referral Form

Release of Information

Child Consent Form

Participant Consent Form

Satisfaction Questionnaire


In 2014, Hope House was selected by the Georgia Department of Human Services: Division of Family and Children Services – Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF) Program as a provider for family support services to create stronger families for a stronger Georgia. The mission of PSSF is to strengthen Georgia by providing individuals and families access to services that promote self-sufficiency, independence and protect Georgia’s vulnerable children and adults.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services vision for our work with children and families is that our independent and collaborative efforts will not only contribute to, but, generate the proliferation of healthy, nurtured, self-reliant, stable and resilient children and families prepared to pursue the highest quality of life. Our mission is foremost to ensure the safety and well-being of children. We will achieve fidelity to this commitment by adhering to the principles of our practice.

By focusing on safety and well-being at each assessment and interaction with the family, we will capture quality information that will shape decisions in the best interest of children. By focusing on excellence and genuineness in our practice, we will honor and respect the role of the family in our community. By focusing on the continuing reinforcement of a culture of accountability and standards, the integrity of our actions will establish this organization as a resource for safety, well-being, permanency and child and family education in the community. By focusing on our obligation to promote the stability of the family we will be both mindful and active in our role in helping children and families move past occurrences that have negatively impacted their lives. To achieve Georgia’s vision for child and family services, it is crucial to build an integrated system of family centered community-based and culturally relevant supports and services that build on and increase the strength and stability of families and enhances family functioning to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Children Services is committed to building a stronger family centered, results-driven child welfare system which prevents child abuse and neglect, protects children from further abuse and promotes permanency for children in safe, stable and lifelong family settings.

Hope House’s Parenting & Abuse Prevention Program is designed to empower families through comprehensive education and early intervention to live healthy and abuse free lives. Education promotes constructive, therapeutic, nurturing, and pro-active approaches to behavior which results in healthier behavioral and relational patterns for children and their families.

Why? When a parent has a substance abuse problem, it affects the children. The trust between child and parent can be damaged or destroyed. In addition, research shows that children of parents who abuse drugs are more at risk than their peers for delinquency, depression, poor school performance, and alcohol and drug use.  Even though parental drug abuse is only one of several risk factors that can influence whether a child will abuse substances, it is a factor that parents have the most control over. Reunification extends beyond the sense of physical placement. We also place a great importance on emotional reunification between mother and child. Providing additional parenting education, to the women in our program and their family members, as well as continued visitation, will allow for families to remain intact and maintain custody of their children as they grow healthier together.

Family Services Coordinator: Carla Vidal

Contact Number: 706-836-3716 (Cell)

706-737-9879 ext. 220 (Office)

Email: civdal@hopehouseaugusta.org

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