Therapeutic Childcare

Hope House is the only residential treatment facility in the CSRA that allows women to bring their children with them up to the age of 13. The children participate in the Therapeutic Childcare (TCC) Program, which is not a daycare center but a program designed to help end the cycle of substance use for the next generation. Program components include substance use prevention groups, therapeutic intervention, school-readiness skills, after-school tutoring, family involvement, safety and social skills, emotional development, referrals for mental and medical issues, and mentoring. Our program gives the children a new start and a chance to be a child.

While our mothers attend their group and individual sessions or work for the day, our toddlers and young children are supervised by a highly trained and qualified staff. Our school aged children attend a local elementary or middle school and then return the Therapeutic Childcare Center until their mothers complete their sessions or return from work.

Along with their mothers individualized treatment plan, the children receive therapy specific to their situation. We help our children to break the cycle of addiction in their family through education and emotional development. All of our children under the age of five are enrolled in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through the Greater Augusta Partnership for Literacy to receive one free book a month until they turn five which helps keep them on their appropriate reading level.

We also provide after-school tutoring for our school aged children. We encourage our mothers to become more involved with their children’s school activities, including fundraisers that benefit the students, along with homework assistance.

Children also participate in Family Dynamics which is held the third Thursday of every month (excluding holidays). Each child is placed in an appropriate group depending on age to discuss current issues that need to be addressed. For children to live on-site, birth certificates, shot records (if applicable), and social security cards (copies accepted) must be provided prior to intake.

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