Hope House strives to instill self-sufficiency in individuals and families through comprehensive treatment to end the cycle of substance abuse, untreated mental illness, and poverty. The organization strives to create sustainable change within these individuals through recovery, teaching them how to manage their disorders, increasing their awareness and education, and acquiring practicable skill sets. Hope House’s ultimate goal is to help these individuals and families become self-sufficient and re-enter society. The individuals that successfully complete the program leave to become gainfully employed citizens who are self-sufficient, better parents, and able to deal with problems in constructive and healthy ways. Hope House accomplishes all of this through three main programs: Ready for Work, Therapeutic Childcare, and Supportive Housing.

The main purpose of Hope House is to break the cycles of addiction and poverty in both women and children. Breaking the cycles in women involves teaching them how to become self-sufficient by managing and overcoming barriers that have kept them from being able to provide for themselves and for their families.

Hope House uses the medical model for treatment of the disease of addiction.  All residents are evaluated by a psychiatrist, screened for medical conditions, and attend counseling sessions and classes. Such holistic treatment also includes the needs of the minor children and sessions with extended family members. Additionally, residents are given the opportunity to gain life skills, coping skills, education, job training, parenting and more.  Providing housing as well as treatment has been shown to be more effective than treatment alone.

Hope House celebrated 20 years of service in May of 2012.

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