Kroger Community Rewards

How Your Organization Earns

To enroll:

Kroger Plus Card members will need to register their Kroger card with Hope House by going to In their Account Summary, there will be a “Community Rewards” section at the bottom where they can sign up to have Hope House connected to their Kroger card (using #10405).

If the card holder cannot register online for whatever reason, they should call 800-576-4377 and have their Kroger card number/organization number available. A representative can register their Kroger benefits to go to HH over the phone.

 What Your Organization Earns

Kroger will pay up to $600,000 on an annual basis to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating Kroger Community Rewards organizations.

Kroger limits a quarterly household contribution to $300. Minimum cycle rebate payout is $25 per organization. In the event that an organization earns less than $25 in a cycle, Kroger will hold the amount until the next cycle that the rebate exceeds $25 or the end of the program term, whichever comes first.

Maximum annual rebate payout is $24,000 per organization.