New CARES at Hope House

I am a woman in long term recovery. For me, that means I haven’t used any mind altering substances to change my reality since August 2013. I am also in recovery from mental health disorders. 

Recovery has opened up a world for me I never knew existed. I wake up in the morning eager to face the possibilities of the day. I have friends that I adore and a partner that is supportive of my passion. My heart is truly full of joy.  Because of my recovery, I have discovered my passion for the first time in my life. I now have the privilege of working with other ladies in recovery.  I get to show them that recovery is possible and that life can get better.  While life still happens and it’s not always pleasant, I can face it head on knowing that it is temporary. Recovery has given me a life worth living and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.

The mission of Georgia CARES’s is to promote long-term recovery from substance use disorders by providing experienced peer support and advocating for self-directed care. We envision a recovery-oriented system of care that supports self-directed pathways to recovery by building on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families and communities.  I am excited about bringing resources to others trying to get well. I speak loud and proud about my recovery to bring hope to other people who have a desire to get well.