Nicole Armstrong / Parenting Coach

Nicole obtained her BS degree in 2008 from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She went on to join the military and become certified through the University of Pennsylvania as a Master Resilience Trainer.  In this role she was responsible for conducting groups with the focus of helping individuals develop skills necessary to cope with adversity, adapt to change, and overcome challenges.  She has experience facilitating groups using mainly cognitive behavior therapy, teaching individuals valuable skills for managing stressful work and family situations.  She guided small group discussions on the importance of individual resilience and ways to cope with stressful life events that could lead to poor decision making and results.  Nicole is currently a graduate student at Augusta University, enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.Ed. program.

In her role as parenting coach, Nicole promotes overall family wellness by providing education and support to the families receiving treatment at Hope House.  Through group and individual sessions, as well as home visits, she engages clients and their families to provide relevant education specific to individual and family needs.  She provides documentation of groups and home visits as part of the PSSF treatment team to help assess and address the needs and progress of each client.  She creates and maintains client charts on each family participating in the parenting program.  Nicole conducts quarterly parenting assessments with all participants and uses the results as a guide to evaluate client’s strengths and areas to focus.  As a member of the parenting team, Nicole works with the Family Services Coordinator to plan and supervise participant field trips, activities, and events.