#GivingTuesday Cyber event

Our goal on #GivingTuesday is to raise $5,000 for our Women’s Treatment and Recovery Support Services and Therapeutic Childcare programs here at Hope House. Hope House is the only recovery facility in 13 surrounding counties that allows children to live at the facility while their parents are in treatment. Parenting classes are mandatory for all of our participants with children. Our Therapeutic Childcare Center is more than a daycare. We evaluate the psychological, emotional, and mental needs of these children to set them on the path of making healthy and constructive decisions for their own lives. We've served more than 400 children and have seen 100 babies born drug free to participants. 

For every $1 invested in substance use disorder treatment, taxpayers save at least $7.46 in costs to society. At Hope House, we have the ability to positively impact the lives of children under our care and set the example for healthy living.

Thank you for your support, love and kindness!!

You can donate on 11/27/18 via this link or on Facebook by visiting our page and selecting the donate button under our cover photo.